Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx has commenced the volume production of its pioneering one and two-seater NEMO submersibles creating a 40% price reduction in the process.

The NEMOs are the only private production-built submarines in the world. By embarking on its new scalability model, U-Boat Worx can deliver even greater efficient build times, competitive pricing and an unrivalled owner experience supported by global customer service. Commenting on the affordability that NEMO brings to the private submersible market, U-Boat Worx Founder and Chairman, Bert Houtman, said: “We set out on a mission to introduce safe and effortless access to the underwater world to as many people as possible. With the NEMO pricing revolution, we’re now taking the next step in this journey with the aim of having 1,000 submarines in operation by 2030.”

The NEMO’s lightweight and compact credentials create a turnkey solution ideally suited to yachts of all sizes. That said, private submarine ownership for non-yacht owners is also now possible thanks to the range of complementary beach launchers, towable car trailers, floating submarine houses and small support crafts developed with submarine mobilisation in mind. The NEMO was conceived by a dedicated team of submarine pilots with a focus on creating an owner-centric design. The first model delivered in 2021 was praised by owners and pilots for its exceptional handling capabilities and thrilling dive experience.

Both NEMO 1 and 2 feature U-Boat Worx’ signature seamless acrylic spherical viewport, battery-powered electrical propulsion, a multitude of safety systems, air-conditioning and certification by world-renowned classification society DNV. On taking delivery of their NEMO, owners have the choice to undergo pilot training at U-Boat Worx’ Sub Center Curaçao, alongside their yacht or at their private premises.

Nothing is more liberating than diving into an unknown world of exploration and discovery in the safety and comfort of your own NEMO submarine,” says Lex van Rijswijk, NEMO Product Manager. “We are excited to see volume production of the NEMO usher in a new era of ocean exploration.”