Introducing the NEMO

Discover what makes the U-Boat Worx NEMO submersible one of the most sophisticated pieces of underwater technology available. Revolutionary design; personalised for individual use. 

Base Specs NEMO

Depth Rating

100 meters – 330 Feet


Length: 280 CM – 110 INCH
Width: 231 CM – 92 INCH
Height: 155 CM – 61 INCH

Operational Autonomy

Up to 8 Hours


1 Passenger – 1 Pilot


2,500 KG – 5,510 LBS


Up to 3 knots underwater

Command your own adventure

Pilot the NEMO yourself

Experienced submersible pilots have been crucial throughout every design stage of our NEMO submersibles. This is the ultimate submersible to drive. Extensive research has been carried out over many years to deliver the most state-of-the-art submarine, the NEMO.

Share the fun

Alongside a qualified NEMO pilot, anyone can take supervised control of the NEMO thanks to our unique MANTA Controller whereby you can easily hand over steering control to your fellow explorer.

Versatile Deployment

The NEMO can be deployed from land, from a boat ramp or from a yacht.

Our NEMO weighs only 2,500 kg (5,510 Lbs) and is only 1.55 meters high. NEMO’s lightweight and compact credentials create a turnkey solution ideally suited to yachts of all sizes. However, complementary beach launchers, towable car trailers, floating submarine houses and small support crafts have been developed to support submarine mobilisation. Submarine ownership for non-yacht owners is therefore also made possible.

Compact and lightweight

The NEMO is the lightest submarine built to date. With a single lifting point it can easily be placed on a flat surface without the need for a cradle or davit. Onshore, or ship-board, the NEMO is easily deployed.

Smallest footprint

The NEMO submersible has such a compact design that it requires less storage space than two jet-skis.

Strength in numbers


The NEMO is the only series-produced submarine in the world. Whereas custom submarines are built-to-order. The NEMO is to be readily available after the first demand for production has been met. As a result of this series approach, you can become a NEMO owner starting at € 1,250,000 (Ex. VAT).


The NEMO submarine has been recognised with a Red Dot Award for design excellence, as well as being recognised as “best of the best” in the category ‘Mobility and Transportation’.

Order Your NEMO

See what makes ordering a NEMO submersible a one of a kind experience.

Would you like to know more?


At the heart of the NEMO design you find a state-of-the-art acrylic pressure hull.

This completely transparent window hides nothing from view. The surrounding structure of the submarine was designed to provide an unobstructed view into the ocean. This is where the magic of the dive truly comes to life, with an unobstructed view and a almost invisible acrylic sphere you feel that you are truly part of the underwater world. With all its colours and splendour.


Powered by four silent electrical thrusters

The U-Boat Worx NEMO submersible operates simply and with ease. It can hover close to any object of interest, or stem strong currents while safely descending to the seabed. The NEMO is best in class in terms of submersible underwater performance.


Powered by two of the most intelligent control systems

The NEMO operates like a dream. We have developed two universal controllers for operating the NEMO.

The MANTA Controller allows for pinpoint precision manoeuvring. The intuitive controls allow for supervised passenger steering, offering passengers an even more exciting experience. The controller allows quick access to intelligent pilot assistance functions such as
Auto-heading and Auto-depth.

Developed to make Launch & Recovery effortless and efficient, the MARLIN Controller is a wireless remote to navigate the submarine on the surface. Once the submarine is in the water the controller can be used to navigate it away from the support vessel without a pilot inside. It can also be used to bring the submarine into position above a dive site or for easy passenger transfer.