One of the strengths of the NEMO is the streamlined order and training process.
After all, you can't wait to pilot your own NEMO!

Step one

"Choose and configure and your NEMO"

Choose whether you want the One seat or Two-seater variant of the NEMO.

The NEMO is a series-produced submersible, which means we are able to build these subs at a pricepoint that is unprecedented in the industry. The NEMO will be able to be personalised with a choice of standard options – colour, lights, sonar. For more information please enquire below.

Option Packages

Standard NEMO

Standard options

  • Standard white colour
  • Black leather interior
  • Airconditioning
  • Wireless underwater communication
  • One floodlight
  • Two spotlights

Additional lights Package

Two (2) High-Intensity spotlights and one (1) floodlight are standard on the NEMO.
The additional lights package brings the total up to four (4) spotlights and three (3) floodlights.

Sonar Package

A high-tech Sonar acts as a second pair of eyes, especially in low-visibility conditions. The compact size and ultrawide field-of-view (FOV = 130˚) makes this the most efficient and effective forward-looking imaging sonar system available today. Specifications of the system:

▪ 130° Field-of-View
▪ 120 meters maximum range

Manipulator Arm Package

A 5-function manipulator is installed on the submersible with the ability to retrieve small objects from the seafloor. With a lift capacity of about 25 kg, this is a medium duty arm with a long reach. The arm will be operated by a special controller inside the submersible and will be electrically powered.

Underwater Navigation Package

Upgrading to the Underwater Navigation Package equips the NEMO with a USBL (Ultra Short Baseline). A very advanced USBL system is available that relays GPS data to the submersible’s on-board computer via integrated underwater modems.

Piloting with real-time positioning and supporting text data provides for accurate and efficient navigation.

Visual Package

The base colour of the NEMO is a high-gloss white exterior with black leather interior. An upgrade package is available which lets you choose a custom colour for the exterior as well as a different colour leather interior.

Step two

"Ordering your NEMO"

When you have selected the options you would like added to your NEMO submersible, you will be ready to order. Your NEMO will be built in a series approach, ensuring a much faster delivery time. If you would like to know more please inquire below.

Step Three

"Become a pilot and receive your own NEMO"

Ordering your NEMO is one thing, becoming a qualified pilot is another.

U-Boat Worx offers certified training courses to any purchaser who orders a NEMO submersible.
The training consists of 12 days full-time training at our facility, Sub Center Curaçao (SCC). Here you will learn everything you need to know to become a certified submersible operator. After you have completed the requisite training, you will be handed the keys to your own NEMO submersible, subject to prior qualifications gained as a pilot. Your NEMO can be delivered to either Curaçao or The Netherlands.

Step Four

"Adventure Awaits"

After requisite pilot training, you will be ready to set out and explore in your own NEMO submersible.
Time to command your own adventure.